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True story:  I had to teach myself college calculus.  The instructor asked the lecture hall of students who all had a graphic calculator.  Everyone except me and two other people raised their hands.  The instructor said “good” because she was going to teach calculus by walking through how to program the functions into a graphic calculator.  Anyone else was out of luck.

At the time I had no extra cash whatsoever.  Trust me, there was no room in my budget for an expensive calculator I would use for just one class.  I knew I had to go it alone.

I ended up making an A in that class.  It actually wasn’t that difficult.  My secret was to walk through each example problem in the book step by step and memorize how the book did it.  Then during the test I’d just recreate each one of my problems just like the examples but swapping out the numbers.

The point of that story is not to brag about how I went around the norm, but to encourage you to find ways around your struggles to succeed.  Many people have difficulty engaging on social media due to a fear of not knowing what to say. It’s a relatively new territory for many looking to market their business online.   If you struggle on how to engage, do like I did in my calculus class and find your success by following a few good examples.

To help out, here are two companies that have great presences on social media:

Pacific Natural Foods  This company engages with their fans really well.   Notice the balance of what they post.  They stay within their niche while avoiding being over promotional.  Notice the types of questions they ask their fans: open-ended and response provoking.  They are doing it right.

New Belgium Brewery  You don’t have to drink beer to appreciate how well they network with their fans and organize events.  This company has a very loyal fan base and utilizes social media to organize bike races and other promotional events all over the country.  Consider how you could use social media to organize events around your business.

Please remember, the idea here is not to steal the ideas of these companies, but to use them as positive examples of companies who really know how to utilize social media.  Model yourself after them and you’ll have a great path forward to success.

John enjoys writing as a way to express himself. He is passionate about sharing his ideas and thoughts through his writing and honored by those who take the time to read what he has to say. He has published articles in The Small Business Owner Magazine and Soulwoman eMagazine with his partner, Tara. Connect with John to share your thoughts and your stories about living unbound.

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