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Yeah! We’re at my favorite step of the Hourglass: blogging.  I love to write.  There’s something about the power of language and communication that comes across in the written form that can’t be expressed in other media.  And that I, or you, get to enjoy expressing those skills and use them to attract sales makes it all the more satisfying.

However, just like in our last post where we discussed how just because someone gives something away for free doesn’t necessarily mean anyone would want it, the same idea carries over into this week’s topic: blogging.  Just because you have a blog that you write to frequently doesn’t mean anyone will read it or transact a sale. You have to utilize your blog correctly in order to continue to draw them down the sales funnel portion of the Hourglass.

You can apply our Hourglass Marketing System to any business. You begin with social media and engage on all of your social media platforms.  As you attract people to your fan pages, you furnish them with an opt-in or freebie offer.  Provide value in this offer, so your potential customers visit your blog to learn more helpful hints and information.

In future posts we’ll discuss email drip campaigns that will lead to your eventual sale, but for now we will stick to discussing your blog.  A good blog can play a powerful role in attracting customers to your products and/or services.

Here are a few tips below to help employ yours effectively:

*Determine the frequency of your posts and plan a schedule. Find a good balance.  Don’t over commit yourself to the point you burn out, but make sure you still maintain a presence.  Figure out what works best with you and your target market and stick with it.

*What value do you provide through your blog? Don’t write to a vacuum. People will visit your blog when they have a reason to read what you have to say.  What reason will you give them?

*Write topical articles relevant to your niche.  This ties into the value tip above.  Your readers confront a lot of competing messages out there.  Give them what they seek with information of value that will help them in their business, not just yours.

*Create theme months.  Tie in your blog posts to an overall theme that you address over the course of a month.  Plan out 8-10 things to share regarding the theme and write a post on each.

*If you run low on material, go take a refresher course or learn a new skill. Write about your self improvement experiences over your next series of posts. Others will learn from what you share.

*Promote your blog on your social media channels. You did all of that hard work writing it so get the word out there! Ask your friends to sign up for announcements and let everyone in your feed know when a new post publishes.

*Cross integrate between media types.  Facebook’s algorithm shows posts higher and more often when they contain pictures, media, or other high-profile attachments.  Get a greater reach by attaching your link to an inspirational quote, article or picture sure to be seen and shared.

*Maintain a good social balance.  Don’t beat your customers over their head with sales pitches. Instead, target to have about 85% fan value and no more than 15% promotion for you when posting.

John enjoys writing as a way to express himself. He is passionate about sharing his ideas and thoughts through his writing and honored by those who take the time to read what he has to say. He has published articles in The Small Business Owner Magazine and Soulwoman eMagazine with his partner, Tara. Connect with John to share your thoughts and your stories about living unbound.

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