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PrintSocial media networks provide excellent opportunities to market your brand online.  However, each one targets a different demographic and provides a unique way to spread your message.  Which one do you choose?

If your target market includes early-adopters and the technically savvy, then focus on Google+

As Google implements more social results into its search engine application, it will become imperative for businesses to take part and connect with their followers.

Google+ not only provides a platform to engage with your target audience online, its search algorithm includes results pulled from Google+ activity.  That way, when your ideal clients research content relevant to them, your posts will have a much greater likelihood of appearing in their search results.

Any time a Google+ user performs a search on Google, personalized results from their “Circles” will appear in their findings.  This only stresses the importance of joining Circles and adding other users to your own – so when they search for information relevant to their business, your content will show up.

What are “Circles”?  Google differentiates itself from other social media platforms by allowing you to share content with only those recipients you chose.  Instead of sending out blanket posts to your fans and followers similar to other applications, Google+ provides you with the opportunity to provide content only to Circles that will find its value and relevance.

You’ll want this feature to target promotions and invitations to those Circles who would most likely review your post or offer.  For example, you may not want to share with your professional network a personal message to your friends and family regarding your new kitten or most recent vacation.  Likewise, your friends and family may not hold much interest in that latest analysis report you just created.

Circles also offer a great way to build your list.

Google+ allows you to search keywords relevant to your target market to find other businesses and individuals who share your values.  Just type in some relevant phrases in the search function on the top of your page and select “People or Pages.”  Your results will reveal people who meet your search criteria.  From there, just add these potential contacts and customers into appropriately named Circles for future messaging.

Remember, though, since your business page cannot circle someone until they circle you, it’s important to build relationships with your personal page and introduce your business page’s content where appropriate.

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